Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Soul Central

Some developments in the DJ Phaze mix CD cover. Note the 'Z' in Phaze as Duncan informs me it's 'Phaze' rather than Phase. Anyway. The image he wanted for this was a Japanese bullet train, and to this end he'd found some slightly ropey jpegs on google image search, which would break up when printing quicker than you could say "72dpi".

I had some misgivings about the content as well, but sticking with it, I went for a smooth looking vector illustration, and attempted to emphasise the perspective of the image to give it contemporary dynamic feel that reflects the music (liquid drum and bass) I also attempted to carry over the Japanese feel through the typography. The Phase logotype's angle, and paralleling of the central illustration is a tip of the hat to Tokyo design studio Power Graphixx, and with the title on the right I've attempted to reflect the layout of traditional Kanji characters.

Back and insert to follow.


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Spafe. Nice reflections.

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