Monday, January 09, 2006

Boiled Frog

An oldie from last year. This was a flyer for a friends thatre group in Edinburgh, which got mixed reviews, but I'm told people liked the flyer.

The play was about 90s new york socialite/pyscopathic club killer Michael Alig, who was later played by McCauley Culkin in the fick 'Party Monster'. The girls in question originally wanted me to do a straight rip of a club flyer from the era - for a club called The Limelight. There were problems with this though. First off the flyers were pretty shit, and in turn were a rip off of some american cereal packet with a toucan on it. Go figure. I thought a pastiche of a pastiche was out, as who in Edinburgh knows anything about early 90s New York club flyers, or indeed early 90s American cereal packaging. No-one would get it.

Instead I opted for a Factory Records style industrial look, with a modern twist, as Peter Saville's design was an iconic look many associated with that era of clubbing, and importantly, is a visual cue I thought people in the UK would get.

It was a hell of a lot more minimal to start, but I got no amount of earache about how they wanted it 'more glam', and fair enough, Alig and his crew were as camp as Christmas.

So this is what it ended up like.


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